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English and Swedish speaking babysitters in Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg & Skåne!

If you want to work as a nanny please click here.

Nannynu! is a reliable babysitting agency that works to simplify the daily life of our customers. We are the solution when you need someone to look after your child/children, by providing you with fast personal service, and responsible, competent and playful babysitters. We have babysitters who speaks both English, Swedish and other languages.

For more information please contact us on tel: 010-160 02 00 or e-mail:


Read more about what Nannynu!’s babysitting includes:

Profound background screening of the babysitters:
Babysitters must undergo a thorough interview where we take information about their experiences and knowledge. To work as a babysitter one must have previous experience in babysitting. We also check their references and request a background check.

Training and education of Nannynu!s babysitters
One of our foundations is the constant development of the babysitters training and education. We do this through our Nanny course, CPR course and the continuous follow-ups with families.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied during the first week with your babysitter, please let us know and you don´t need to pay anything. Instead we will start searching for a new candidate that suits your family’s needs more properly.

Price on weekends and evenings

The hourly rate for babysitter services depends on qualifications of the babysitter as well as time and date. The prices below are after the tax deduction, if you cannot use the deduction the price is doubled.

  • Babysitter in high school with tax deduction (RUT) 176kr/h (06:00-20:00), 185kr/h (20:00-06:00 and weekends), 195kr/h (public holidays)
  • Babysitter graduated from high school with tax deduction (RUT) 190kr/h (06:00-20:00), 199kr/h (20:00-06:00 and weekends), 209kr/h (public holidays)
  • Babysitter with at least 15 years of experience with tax deduction (RUT) 206kr/h (06:00-20:00), 215kr/h (20:00-06:00 and weekends), 225kr/h (public holidays)

We charge a minimum of 3 hours per session (4 hours minimum for single occasions). We do this to meet the need of our babysitters who are not able to work too short sessions at the family’s home.

Babysitting for single occasions: 438 kr/hour without tax deduction for RUT. 219 kronor/hour with tax deduction. If we find a nanny that can help you and you cancel the nanny we have a cancellation fee at 500 SEK. For single occasions the minimum charge is 4 hours per session. We are usually not able to help you with this kind of assignment during August, September and January.  Please contact our knowledgeable Account Managers (konsultchefer) for more information.

We do not help you if you are staying at a hotel or similar and wish to have a babysitter.

Short video with candidates saying hello to the family
A fast and easy way to get a face and character of a potential babysitter is looking at the short video that will be sent to your family. This will be your first contact with a potential babysitter.

Already have a babysitter?
We can recruit your babysitter for a lower hourly rate. We will then educate the babysitter with our courses and take care of the administrative part of payment.

Why choose us?

  • We put a lot of effort into training and developing our babysitters.
  • We only have a minimum of 3 hours per occasion
  • We have a first week customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 60% of all new families are recommended from existing customers. This is much due to our focus on quality, service and delivering world class babysitters.

If you have any more questions or want to get our help call 010-160 02 00. We charge a minimum of 3 hours per session. We do this to meet the need of our babysitters who are not able to work too short sessions at the family’s home.

You can also email us at or click here and fill out a form. We will then contact you shortly.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Nyheter på Nannynu!

Läs de senaste nyheterna på Nannynu! här


99,4% kundnöjdhet. Under mars och april månad 2017 genomförde vi för tredje året i rad en kundundersökning med fina resultat. Resultatet visar bland annat att 99,4% av våra befintliga kunder gärna rekommenderar oss till vänner och bekanta. Undersökningen är gjord av Nannynu!.

Veckans stjärna

Julia är veckans stjärna! Vi tycker det är viktigt att lyssna på våra barnvakter och höra om deras jobb med barnen. Varje vecka uppmärksammar vi en barnvakt lite extra. Läs mer om varför Julia gillar sitt extrajobb som barnvakt. Vi har ca 1400 barnvakter på Nannynu!

Utbildning, rekrytering & kvalitetskontroll

På Nannynu! är säkerheten nummer ett! Barnvaktens säkerhetsmedvetenhet ska vara på högsta nivå och detta når vi genom rätt rekrytering, bakgrundskontroll och utbildning.


Nannynu! har genom åren fått fina utmärkelser. Sedan vi grundades år 2007 har vi fått flera utmärkelser. Utmärkelser

Frågor och svar

Ibland kan det vara första gången ni som familj tar hjälp av ett företag. Här har vi samlat frågor och svar på de vanligaste frågorna.
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