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Babysitters join Nannynu!

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As an employee at Nannynu! you will be part of a enthusiastic team of experienced babysitters. Your contribution as a babysitter is our foundation so your wellbeing as an employee is very important to us. As employers, we also want this to be an opportunity for you to develop both as a person and as a professional babysitter.

Are you a responsible person over 18 years old with experience of babysitting?

Fill out an application here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  The application is in Swedish and it´s  best for you if someone can help you translate  so you can fill out the form.

As an employee at Nannynu! you get:
To participate in our Nanny Certification course where you will learn about communication, child care and what it means to work for a company. Together with other babysitters you discuss different challenges and have the opportunity to  get feedback.

Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation
In this course you will learn to perform conscious control, breath control, etc. by a certified instructor.

Insurance during working hours
During your working hours at your family, you are insured with liability and property insurance.

Once you start, you get paid 100 kr/hour (incl. holiday pay) and when you passed our courses and passed your assessment, you get paid 110 kr/hour (incl. holiday pay).

Having an interview and need information?

Please contact If urgent, call 010-160 02 00.

Safety procedure with us, references and certificate of registry

Since we work with children, safety and quality are our strong guiding principles. In order to get a job with us, you need to have 2-3 references from previous families where you have been babysitting. During your interview, we will verify your identity (you need to show ID) and receive your references. We will also look at your grades so prepare yourself by having them available during the interview.

To get an assignment, we want you to request a certificate of registry, which you show to us. It takes 1-2 days to receive a response from the police, so if you want to speed up the procedure a hint is to send in an application to the police before the interview.
Enter your details in the report, sign the paper and then scan the picture or take a photo of the picture and attach it in the email. Send it to the following address: The police scan and process the report immediately and then send it back to you. This is your criminal records, which you show us. This is normal procedure when working with children.

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